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first of all, thanks a lot for stopping by my website, I hope you like it or at least that you don’t puke yourself to death by its pure existence. I guess the reason you are here on this particular page is to get to know me and the blog a little bit better, so here we go.

I started The Charmbandit in January 13th of 2015. Initially it was some sort of a style and/or beauty blog, not really because I would be such a style and/or beauty professional, but because everyone else did it to be honest. My main intention was to create content and to have a place on the web where I could write freely but I didn’t really know what I was going to write about so I just did what everyone else did but at least with my own words I guess.

Of course I also included some other, kind of more miscellaneous articles as well in which I would just ramble about completely random things like movies, tv shows, stupid things that make me question my faith in humanity, unwanted relationship advices like I knew what I was talking about, opinions and all other kinds of things. With time I had to realize that I actually like those kind of articles even more than my beauty and fashion related ones and I also came to the conclusion that I am not a very exciting beauty/fashion personality for the simple reason that I do not really care. Or at least not more than an average woman.
Now, being the capricious person I am, The Charmbandit is basically about whatever that comes into my mind, who knows, maybe one day it will be an illegal porn site, the sky is the limit.
Of course I still like to write about girly things because I am a female human being with a female mind which means I like pretty things I don’t need, but really, I would not be able to say what this blog is about to save my life.

So basically, what you have just read is worth nothing and makes no sense.
Welcome to my site.

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