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(Okay, so once again I feel like I need to mention that all these pictures below are only for illustrating the different types of wands. I haven’t tried all these products, only the ones I’ll mention I have.)

Anyone who has already checked The Charmbandit’s Beauty department so far might have realised I have a tiny bit of addiction when it comes to mascaras, even though there were plenty of them that have disappointed me. (Tragic.)
Anyways, my point is, to avoid blindly choosing a mascara that turns out to be the biggest mistake of your life (Again, not dramatic at all.), I highly suggest you to be prepared when you go hunting to drugstores. Don’t worry, you don’t have to be a makeup artist to acquire this knowledge at all.
So, without any further do, one thing that is extremely useful to know about mascaras is the types of their wands. If you know them, you’ll be able to choose which product could work for you at the store.

So… let’s get into it, shall we?

For natural lashes.
It keeps thickening from the tip to the other end of the wand.
For? Girls with tiny eyes and short lashes.
For a volumizing effect.
Due to the thick brush, big amount of mascara can be applied onto the lashes, resulting a voluminous look.
For? Well, for girls having tiny eyes and short lashes it’s definitely not recommended, they should choose a wand which they can work more precise with.
Tip: I used to use Essence I <3 Extreme mascara which I loved at the first tube, but then I slowly grew to hate it at the second one. Okay, it doesn’t sound good, but here comes the happy end. One of my girlfriends asked for my advice on which mascara she should use and I recommended her this one anyways. To cut the story short, she loved it, and still does, they are really happy together so I guess it’s only me for whom it didn’t work anymore. Definitely worth trying out.
For a lenghtening effect.
Due to the sparse and short bristles it makes your lashes appear longer. But don’t forget it doesn’t make your lashes look voluminous at all so don’t expect that to happen.
For a curling effect.
The curved brush adjusts to the shape of the eyes so that it lifts them from the bottom making them appear more open.
For? Who do you think? For anyone who has straight lashes.
Tip: I currently use the Lovely Pump Up mascara, (You know, still.) and I have to say we get along pretty well. I’m not saying it’s the perfect one or anything, but as I got used to it and I started not using it after a second cup of coffee with shaking hands, I got more skillful at handling it. So, for an everyday makeup it definitely does the job, it lifts what needs to be lifted so in case you need something really not dramatic, this is your guy.
To hit those bottom lashes.
Well, I guess you get the idea.
Due to the tiny bristles you can easily shape those smaller lashes precisely.
To be honest, it’s totally useless, but in case you just won the lottery or took a lot of money from your ex husband, then go for it.

Now, after showing you all the basic types, let’s move on to some not-so-typical ones.

For those babydoll eyes.
‘Nuff said.
The sphere shaped head.
The job of this little devil is to make it easier for its user to work on their lashes, reaching every single lash easier, even the ones in the inner or outer corners of the eyes. Its only negative side is that working with it is a slow process, but is a definitely much more precise one as well.
The brush that thickens at the middle.
Usually made from plastic or silicone. It makes a nice voluminous look and helps reaching all the lashes as well, though I didn’t have an outstandingly great experience with it.
The straight one.
It helps with long and tangled lashes, but again, it’s not meant for girls with tiny eyes because it might be hard for them to use it precisely. It makes natural and everyday lashes.
The one with the comb.
combUsually flat and is made from plastic. The tiny bristles are placed evenly and their job is to separate the lashes. It’s good for making the lashes appear extremely long, rather than fuller, so in case you want voluminous lashes, it’s a big nope for you.
The little ballhead.
I thought I’d list this one here because I actually have an experience with it which was really positive. I used the Scandal Eyes Show Off from Rimmel London seen on the right picture, and I was truly satisfied with it. Due to the little ball at the tip I could easily shape every single lash and it also made them look fuller, plus, it didn’t even take a long time thanks to the longer part of the wand. (I didn’t purchase it again because it was pretty expensive and I wasn’t that satisfied with it overall.)

And finally, let’s see some of those creatures that even I have no idea of how the fuck they should be used…

Okay, to tell you the truth, I am perfectly aware of how this beast should be used. I recently bought a mascara from this particular brand with this particular wand, and this type of wand is pretty useful, actually. (Only the mascara was shitty like hell.) Due to the smaller wave at the end, you can lift the tiny lashes at the inner and outer corners of your eyes, and due to the bigger wave, you can emphasize the middle part of your lashe line beautifully.
Tip: About Rimmel London Scandal Eyes Mascara by Kate Moss (Not the one on the picture, but this bastard right here.), the only good thing about it is its wand, nothing more. Yeah, it shaped and lifted my lashes well but in an hour it was freaking gone. I mean, sorry, it was there… on my lower lash line making me look like my grandma’ was just hit by a bus or I just got dumped, so it’s an epic fail. With that being said, my genious advice is not to buy it.


It’s supposed to be used easier due to the curved handle.
Uhm, interesting.

Inspired by the fan brush used on the surface of the face.
It’s meant to be volumizing. Theoretically, because I haven’t used it.

Just… lovely.

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