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HI THERE, AGAIN, a.k.a. constant apologizing and the first video | EN

Here we are again.
After two weeks of (I mean, let’s not pretend, it’s been about a month since I posted anything on this blog.) inactivity, we are back in action.
I don’t even want to waste our time here with writing, because I’d rather introduce you to the very new segment of the blog which is…
… the Youtube channel.
We have a pretty little Youtube channel now, with one whole video, (Well, that’s a number.) so feel free to subscribe, like, share and do whatever you want to express your enthusiasm.
I don’t say it’s completely one-hundred percent of perfection, I mean I could write a whole series of posts on what the hell is wrong with this one single video starting with the fact that the first outfit was shot in extreme sunlight following with that next time I seriously have to tie my hands back so that I don’t keep touching my hair a thousand times, all the way to the sun coming up and down at the talking part, but… hey, I try my best to be nice and keep my mouth shut.
Because I don’t want to make a huge thing about it, but damn, seriously, I mentioned in the video as well that considering the fact that Péter has never used a camera before and I have never in my life was close to an editing program, or anything like that, I think we did a decent job.
I mean, it’s okay.
Like, it doesn’t burn your eyes out and stuff.
Which is great.

And by the way, it’s a pretty good thing to do in your free time, so I really do hope you like it, because whether you do or not, I’m going to continue to make videos, ’cause I love it even though I suffered a lot during the editing and shooting process.
Let’s start it with that 38 degrees at that Sunday. We got out at about 2 pm by bike, because Péter’s hobby is that, and mine is this, so we thought we put it all together.
So I, all dolled up, with makeup on, my dresses and shoes tucked into a huge backpack, (Well, that must have been an impressive look.) rode out to Margaret Island. (It’s a gorgeous little island between the two parts of the city.) Since I got sweaty during this process already, I asked Péter to pour a little water on me, and it turned out to be such a great idea I decided to wet my whole shirt, so basically, that blue top you’ll see on me under my clothes is soaking wet the whole time.
(I don’t even want to think about what people might have thought about that was.)
After all this, I had to realize that changing clothes on Margaret Island is just not as simple as I believed. I thought if people have sex all the time out there, dressing up and down quickly will not be as big of a deal, but again, I had to come to the conclusion that people probably don’t fuck around at 2 pm in the afternoon. (I mean, whatever they like, but you get the idea.)
However, fear not, I solved it like a pro.
(Kind of.)

So to sum it up, it was freaking awesome, even though I think I got hit by the sun, got dehidrated and my butt hurt for days after riding that bike, but I honestly can’t wait for the next shoot.

In case you don’t find me too kind or lovely in the video – well, that makes two of us.
I mean, seriously, when I was looking back at the footages, I was like “Ugh, such a bitch.” and I think the reason behind that is that my voice is naturally kind of high and sounds like an eleven years old’s, so I really tried to maintain a “normal human being” look at the talking part. Whatever, it is what it is, I think I go back being more of myself next time. (Which still can be bitchy, though.)

Alright, now that I did everything people hate bloggers for (constant apologizing for no reason) go see the very first video of my life, huge thanks to Péter for his help, and please, let’s pretend there’s not a bloody bandaid on my ankle.
It was already too late when I realized.

(Also, I have no idea why the feature image of the video looks like it’s a bad quality because it’s not like how it looks in the video. Whatever. Seriously, stop apologizing.)

source of feature image: (Ashley Bean)

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