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MARGARET | outfit #2 | EN

In case you have no intention to read through hundreds of characters on how I spent one single afternoon, (Totally understood.) feel free to check the bottom of the page for information on what I was wearing. Though, I have to say, it’s totally unnecessary because at the exception of the necklace, I got every single thing a long time ago.

Do you know the feeling when you just grab some random piece of clothing, hop off to the groceries’ and you still look like Chiara Ferragni, but whenever you actually invest energy and time (Half an hour, but still.) to get the perfect “effortless” outfit together it just never works out?
Yeah, me too.
Anyways, after I got through one of these hard times, back in the very beginning of spring, (I believe it was in April.) Klau and I wandered through the whole Margaret Island, and fortunately we saw a couple of beautiful trees with pink flowers on them, so duh, obviously they became the set of our next photoshoot.
I bravely climbed up on the sheer wall of rocks (It was about one-and-a-half meter high. I have a fear of heights, but of course I managed to look totally natural and not stressed out, and I totally weren’t holding onto that limb with one finger. Totally.) and we got started.

I’m not really a sucker for sunglasses, even though I definitely should be due to my terrible vision, but I’m still okay with my approximately two bucks worthy Tally Weijl sunglasses from last year. That see-through white color matches everything, and the size and shape are perfect even when I look like crap.

By the way, the necklace was an excellent purchase at Dorothy & Aby‘s. It’s a second hand store, but the items are in a correct condition and they are so much more cheaper than they would actually be. I use the word “correct”, because they do have some minor mistakes, but since they are from Bershka, Stradivarius etc., I believe they would have mistakes on them anyways. And this piece of jewelry was flawless so… hello, nailed it.

The amount of time we kept screwing with that poor limb, I believe every single person who passed by us thought we would want to have sexual encounter with it.
(We didn’t, though. Just to let you know.)

I know, I know, why would I wear a crop top and a pair of low waisted jeans when it was only the beginning of spring and it’s totally unacceptable anyways.

When I don’t feel like wearing this top with trousers that cover my belly button, but it seems too inappropriate without them, I just throw on this awesome oversized denim shirt and I’m good to go. Fun fact is, it originally belongs to my father who wore it back in the 80’s. One day, many years ago, I wanted to refresh my wardrobe but I didn’t have enough money to buy a whole lot of new clothes and just went through my parents’ closet.

Okay, I just cannot get over the fact how useful these oversized shirts are, especially in the warmer months. I personally used it buttoned in the lower section, and also rolled up the sleeves, but you can customize it anyhow to get that effortless but cool vibe.
Pure win.

Fun fact #2: after we succesfully started shooting, an old lady in her eighties wandered right under our tree with her little lunch and newspaper which didn’t bother us at all, but poor thing had to listen to me going like “Mmm, such romance, nice.” while I was endlessly hinting my shoes with petals. 

Fun fact #3: I did not only dirt my newly cleansed shoes after scrolling up that wall, but something on it cut my foot and I bled all over that white color. (Those dramatic behind the scenes moments.)
After all this, we went to a Japanese garden, but I decided it would be better to shoot our next outfit photos there. Fine, truth is, we were actually really hungry and just wanted to go eat something.
(But my first outfit video was actually shot there, so if you’re interested, go check it out.)

Pull&Bear, I bought it last year so I have no idea what it cost, but I’d guess 4000 forints
cropped top
Tally Weijl, last year’s purchase again
denim shirt
my dad, uncle or some other relative of mine owned it back in the 80’s
Cin Cin Amica, 3990 forint
Tally Weijl, 700 Ft
H&M, it was 8000 forint, though I but it on sale years ago
Dorothy&Aby, 1450 Ft
(In case you want to visit the store: start walking to Oktogon from Nyugati raliway station, it’ll be on the left side.)

Photos: Bíró Klaudia

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