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FANCY | outfit #5 | EN

Am I the only one around here who feels constantly screwed over by the weather?
This week was supposed to be my holiday week, and it’s not that I wanted to go anywhere or do anything special, but I thought I’m just gonna hang around the city with my friends and we’ll have some awesome summery days.
Well, that’s absolutely not what happened. It was almost like fall here this whole week.
Raining all day would have been okay, but it was cold, it was grey and it was just gloomy. Then it got better for a day, it felt like summer again, and then, again, today it rained and it was gloomy and all, and now, by the afternoon the sun is shining like nothing ever happened.

I tried to fight the feeling, but eventually I gave in to this gorgeous Zara dress, and I say “tried to fight” because I don’t know about you, but this dress definitely has some kind of a fall vibe to it due to the dark red and blue tones and, of course, the pattern.
However, I love how it looks like an extremely short dress in the front and then turns out to be a romper when you look at it from behind. These are the details that I am always into, and duh, zero cleveage and a rad cutout back can buy me anytime, so there was no going back.

I love when I put effort into doing my hair and then when it gets photographed it turns out to look terribly lame so I have to just shake it until it looks like something.
I don’t even know why I’m trying.


It was such a long time since I wore this ring, but I thought it perfectly matches the necklace which I got from my colleagues for my birthday.




I seriously tried to find another bag that could fit for this dress just so that it doesn’t look like I use the same purse in every outfit post but it’s just so perfect I couldn’t help myself.


Again, I love me some exciting cutout back with a delicate, no cleavage dress.



Zara, 9995 Ft~34$
H&M, 7000 Ft~24$ (approximately)
I am, it was a gift
Cin Cin Amica, 4000 Ft~14$

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