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JUST CHILLIN’ | outfit #5 | EN

It’s so weird.
Back when I was about 18, I was always about being all dolled up by some extreme high heels, a strictly bodycon dress that usually had to be really short, jewelleries, long, extremely straightened hair, nail polish and so much more.
However, by now, it has slowly all changed by itself, hopefully for the better.

I was always into baggy clothes before I was influenced to be looking like a hooker, (Like a nice hooker, the one who knows how to read. It wasn’t that bad.) so it’s no surprise for me to start wearing them almost religiously again, but as for an example, I would have never expected myself to wear my hair in a ponytail or in a bun in public, like, ever.
(My life is filled with shocking events, right?)

It’s not that I feel like I don’t care about how I look lately (at least I hope it doesn’t come across like that) it’s just that I started to find more beauty and more excitement in being casual and cool than in trying too hard to be perfect.
So when “creating” this outfit, being casual came natural to me, especially now in the summer so this is a ‘running errands in the city’ kind of effortless, chill look with the color blue which is one of my favorite colors and it’s especially my favorite one in this summer heat.

Of course there’s that one little shithole piece of stone of the necklace that just doesn’t want to stand like the others and you only notice it after it’s too late.


I chose this shirt because, well, it was perfect with the shorts but also because it wasn’t form-fitting at all and even though it’s a very simple shirt, the pattern gives it a pretty unique vibe.



Ah, these are some awesome shorts for the summer.
The fabric is extremely lightweight and soft, it feels like it wouldn’t even be there. (Which might make you feel a little awkward sometimes.) The colors are soothing and relaxing and the pattern is simple yet exciting.

I am unfortunately one of those kind of people who could carry a whole animal farm in their bags and still feel like something’s missing even though I hate carrying a big bag with me so nowadays I am really trying to get used to smaller purses to force myself to take less and less stuff with me and only carry things I actually need during the day.
Because, honestly, when someone just runs errands in the city, meet some friends or so, it’s so much more better and more comfortable to just throw everything into a tiny little something and go with it.

Look at that, I look like I have boobs.
I guess that bra was really worth the money.

Reserved, 4495 Ft~15$
Reserved, 5495 Ft~19$
Reserved, 7495 Ft~26$
I am, 3250 Ft~11$
knuckle rings
H&M, 2990 Ft~11$


Let’s take orders seriously, then.


Here, I am trying to take those rings off.
It was hard.
Very hard.
And, uhm… am I the only one who sees resemblance?

(source of image:

Like, what am I doing here, witnessing a double murder or something?

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