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HYSTERICAL | outfit #7 | EN

That’s a bit overdramatic, but I was definitely feeling blue yesterday and I don’t even have an idea why. You know,  it was that kind of a day where you have no reason to feel bad, even the sun is shining, you are not even on your period, but you just do it anyways and feel demotivated even though you try to get out of it and it’s just really upsetting and annoying.
I even took a walk outside to breath the sunshine in, I even ate ice cream, I went to the mall to look around, but none of it seemed to work. (Altough I’m not even surprised by the last failure, am I the only person on Earth who thinks malls are pretty depressing?)
I even wanted to cancel our next outfit photoshoot because I didn’t felt any enthusiasm inside my body towards anything but I felt so bad about that and my boyfriend kept telling it’ll be good and it might even cheer me up so I tried my best and we went to Margaret Island (Where else.) with two bottles of beer (My bae knows how to bring real sunshine into my life, right?) and damn, I actually had an awesome time and felt really good by the end of it.
It was so hot yesterday, I had to put my hair up in a bun and wear something super lightweight so I opted for this breezy Zara top. It could be easily misinterpreted by thinking it’s a dress, but it’s just simply a very crafty assymetric shirt.

I love how it can look so chic by only tieing it on one side and there’s nothing else you have to do with it.

This short can be barely called a “short”, it’s more like some kind of a long panty, but I don’t really care. When the weather is hot, be grateful if I don’t wear bikinis on the streets. The reason why I chose it for this outfit is because it looks so exciting how these colorful prints just peek out on one side and everything else is covered by this black sheer fabric of the top.

Here you can see me, pretending I’m an air-harpist.

And when it came to accesorizing… I really tried to load up my hands and my neck with something edgy even though lately I definitely don’t wear a lot of accesories. However, when I saw this awesome low-drop necklace I knew it would be perfect with this top. The blue and the red stones in it make a statement, but it still remains elegant, and the shapes of the red stone nicely matches with the shape of the hand jewellery.

Zara, 6595 Ft~22$
Pull&Bear, about 4000 Ft~13$
Zara, 5995 Ft~20$
knuckle rings
hand jewellery
Bijou Brigitte, about 4000 Ft~13$


Those cute moments where your boyfriend tries to cheer you by scaring the crap out of you.
Okay, so the story behind these pictures is that there was a huge bumble-bee around the flowers we were shooting at, and everytime I was trying to be extremely sensual (Of course.) and looking great, my boyfriend went on and yelled “The bee’s right there at your feet!” (The bee. Was. Totally. Not there.)

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