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RIMMEL LONDON STAY MATTE liquid mousse foundation

Have I just seriously moved on from my trusty Miss Sporty foundation on to something else after 7 years?
What the hell.

Okay, so what happened is… we had some really hot summer days, and I work 9 hours a day with no time to redo my whole face again, so even though I loved my good old foundation, I had to come to the realization that it really could get greasy and oily in the summer heat so I decided to invest in something new.
And this time, I didn’t regret it.

It claims to prevent the skin to get oily up to 12 hours which I completely doubt, but… whatever, and according to the tube it’s also lightweight yet gives a nice coverage, so let’s just see how it went.
First impression
At first, I was a bit unsatisfied seeing that the tube is “only” 30 ml yet more expensive than my previous foundation, but then I found out my previous one is less than 30 ml (Awkward.) which doesn’t even matter because the tiniest amount of this Stay Matte foundation can go extremely far in terms of coverage. Really, I’m impressed.

The coverage

As I said, though the lightest application already covers more than my previous foundation, (Or anything else, honestly.) you can still beautifully build it without looking too done-up. Due to the camomile (Though I’d love to see how much of a camomile this foundation has seen.) it reduces and covers redness perfectly. This comes handy around my nose and my chin where I usually have to go over with a concealer after applying foundation, but with this I can just simply skip that, I cannot say it enough how it covers everything.

(I didn’t swatch it onto the back of my hands because with the cooler weather, my eczema starts coming out and it looks disgusting.)
The texture

It’s basically the lovechild of a mousse and a creme, (Mazeltov.) but don’t consider it as a bad thing. It just simply can look a bit strange at first.

It glides on really smooth, doesn’t get uneven on the skin ever.

No need to say anything else. I think I’ve already been bitching enough about how hard it is to find a well-matching foundation for my dead pale skin tone ’cause even the lightest shade looks dark on me, but not in this case.
It stays on all day, I never even have to think about reapplying it, though in the biggest heat I had to go over a powder about once (Which is still less than what I had to do before.)

I expected it to keep my skin super mattified all day long even in the toughest heat, and I was a bit disappointed when my skin still shined through a bit, but I might just be too greedy. Anyways, it’s still so much more better in that sense than my Miss Sporty foundation. (Sorry.) I have to say it still worked well in the ‘simple’ summer heat, and honestly, at everything else, considering coverage, application and what not, it is better, what is more, it is amazing.

It matches my skintone, covers everything without getting cakey, blends beautifully, it’s smooth, long-lasting, doesn’t feel heavy.
Considering it’s a drugstore product, it’s totally worth the money.

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