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RUNWAY TRENDS | fall/winter ’15-’16

It’s that time of the year again where I get to be a bitch about all the incoming trends so that later I totally fell for them secretly. (Like for gladiator sandals last season… I know, I know, I swear I’m with you guys, I’m just… ah. Fortunately the weather started to get cold by that time so I didn’t invest in one.)
Also, with the fashion month coming and passing by, I figured, before I write about what the spring/summer ’16 trends will be, it might come handy to know what this year’s fall/winter situation is all about.

You know, ’cause it’s freaking chilly out there and all.
in love
Yes! It’s not over, guys, the fun is just getting started.
Finally, I can invest in some cool and comfy sneakers for the winter, and I can pretend I’m very fashionable and stylish while just being extremely lazy.
Oh, and what surprised me the most…
baby pink? marshmallow colors?!
For winter?

Just… amen.
I guess someone heard me moaning about how much I hate all the dark, or, in worst cases, only black-and-white color schemes in the colder months.

Alexander Wang
Comfy. Comfy. Comfy.
Am I fangirling too much?

Oh, Zac. You’re just good. Really good.
cocoon coat

You know, at first I wasn’t sure if I liked this type of coat because I didn’t know how it would look like with that fictional pair of sneakers I’m about to get, (And yes, if it didn’t fit with my non-existing shoes, I’d pretend I don’t like it, that’s how professional I am.) but the shape seems so exciting yet simple that I totally go for it, no matter what.
quilted jackets
Max Mara
A winter trend, that seems to look great and warm?
I gotta process that.

kinda like you

Fur is going to be something that I will still fight against liking (Not specifically and exclusively for humanitary reasons, I just don’t like the way it looks on most of the people.), but I have to say, our relationship has definitely improved.
blanket scarf

I think we’ll be pretty good friends, I’m telling you.
So basically culottes.
Very crafty, culottes. Very crafty.
uhm okay

Like, what am I, superman?

Wow. What a shocker.

I think I need one more year to get used to it.
red, brown, cranberry red

Let’s pretend we’re surprised.
ribbed knitwear

This is the type of trend I’m sure I will never like, but still have some pieces of it in my wardrobe.
the eighties
The only reason I don’t throw it into the last group is because the music is good. (Fashion Logic level 9999.)
And because my boyfriend likes it.
But really… why?

Okay, let’s calm ourselves down with something that’s not that bad.

not that into you

It already made me feel like a fifty-years-old hooker.
I know what you think. I’m pretty sure I am the one with whom there’s something wrong. But still.

How to put it nicely… no.
Just… no.

You know what?
I already appreciate velvet more.
Thank you for that.
I just realised I didn’t even include as many terrible things I hated this season as I thought I would. (I tried to be really nice, see?) Though I have to mention I’m not happy with oversized clutches (A big bag without anything to carry comfortably? Sounds fun.) and icy blue as a colortrend seems too… icy for me, but I decided not to mention them… until now.

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