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ABOUT REN | Flash Rinse, Clarimatte Mask, Wake Wonderful | EN

Let’s finally talk about Ren.
If you are like me, you might want to invest in some really good, high quality products but you might not be able to afford to just take random chances with all the great skincare lines out there. Of course this is what beauty bloggers are here for, there’s nothing new under the sun, but I just wanted to gather the products of the same brand into one place and let you know about the brand itself. Of course I’m not gonna talk about all the products of Ren in this single post because that’s impossible, crazy and I haven’t even tried all of them yet, but you get the idea.
The word “ren” means “clean” in Swedish, however, this is not a Swedish brand, as a matter of fact, it was founded by two marketing agents, Anthony Buck and Robert Calcraft. Anthony’s wife was pregnant at the time and she got really sensitive to her cosmetics. Anthony dear knew the saying “Happy wife, happy life”, so he and his buddy, Robert, digged really deep into the world of cosmetics and bio ingredients.
Back then “bio” wasn’t such a succesful business since all products with only bio ingredients were really unpleasent to touch, feel, smell and, of course, they weren’t as effective as other synthetic products.
With that being said, Anthony and Robert digged even more deeper and using the newest technologies and researches, they found a way to create products with bio-active ingredients.
This is the key word with Ren – bio-active means that all the products are 100% bio, however, they are just as effective, as their synthetic companions.
Another interesting thing you should know, is that they are so freaking clean that their products are not even only in a tube, but in an infusion sacket (the ones that are used in hospitals) and that sacket takes place in the tube just so that they avoid getting the tube melt into the product.
Yeah, some people take their jobs seriously.
Now, let’s get to the first round of products.
The only thing that is similar in the following 3 products is that all of them are claimed to be face masks, however, even though they are all face masks, their mechanisms are completely different from one another.
Flash Rinse
1 Minute Facial

12 800 ft, 40 eur
75 ml

It doesn’t do much, but it does it well.
What is it? It’s a 1 minute facial with water activated vitamin C.
For who? For anyone whose skin feels tired and unenergized with occasional blemishes or if you just want some extra pampering for your skin.

It claims to: instantly reenergize and reawaken the skin and reduce any imperfections and fine lines.
What it actually does: whatever it says, it’s true. After working 9 hours I tend to look dead when getting home, and in case I have to go out and pretend I’m alive, I put it on, leave it on for 1 damn minute, and it’s done, I look like I’ve just slept for 10 hours in that 1 minuteAlso, whenever I have a pimple trying to come out on my skin, or even when I already have some blemishes, I use it and it just visibly helps get rid of it.
Consistency: at first it’s green and feels like sand, but as soon as you apply water to it, it gets nice and fluid.
How to use: every 3 days (I use it whenever I feel like it, sometimes day after day, not to worry)
Worth it? Definitely.

Invisible Pores Detox Mask

8900 ft, 28 eur
50 ml

 Now this one is something that I wasn’t so into.
To say the least.
What is it? A deep cleansing and purifying mask with French clay.
For who? Combination to oily skin. If you just think your skin is like that, it’s not enough.

It claims to: make pores look smaller, cleaner, skin feel smoother and toned.
What it actually does: I tell you what it does. Okay, I have a theory why it didn’t work out for me, so I’ll let you know later, but for now, the story. I’ve used it for two separate periods of time, and whenever I used it, it really left my skin so much more cleaner, my skintone was more even, my pores appeared smaller. It really seemed to work. Unfortunately, the day after using it I just broke out. Just like that. I used it for some time, it didn’t help with the breakouts, so I stopped using it, then, after a while, I started using it again and the same thing happened.
Consistency: a thick clay.
How to use: just like any other mask, apply generously, leave it on for some time and rinse it off with warm water.
Worth it? Well, not for me. My theory is that my skin isn’t problematic enough and it basically overpurified it, it dried my skin out so that it broke out. However, if you have a really problematic skin, I would give it a try, because I have never met a customer who had any problem with this product.

Wake Wonderful
Night Time Facial

14 400 ft, 45 eur
40 ml

What is it? An overnight treatment.
For who? For anyone who has tired skin, however, I would say now that more mature ladies should use it (not so mature, like, women in their thirties).

It claims to: leave the skin visibly brighter, more luminous and radiant in the morning.
What it actually does: not a single thing to me. Seriously. It even says on the tube that a “slight tingling may be experienced”. Well, I haven’t felt tingling nor being wonderful after waking up. Don’t get me wrong, it didn’t do any permanent and/or terrible harm, altough I would say it gave my skin a weird texture and it was a bit more prone to breakouts after using it, but other than that, there were no effects of it for me.
Consistency: a bit lighter than your average moisturizers.
How to use: 2-3 times a week after your moisturizer. Also, be careful with the sun during using it, though in the colder months it won’t be a big of a deal.
Worth it? I’m kind of sure that the reason why it didn’t work much for me is that I am 23 years old and there is not so much to make more radiant on me. So I would say this one is definitely for more mature women.

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