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RAW | outfit #8 | EN

I so suck at introductories, let’s just talk about the dress.
I guess I don’t even have to say – it has everything I love.
A lovely high ncckline but a fierce and exciting cutout back. The material is thick, pleasant and the pattern is interesting, so the only thing that was questionable for me was the fringe. I haven’t been a big fan of fringe, even though somehow I was always attracted to it, and I was honestly surprised by myself for opting for this piece, but I have to say, right here, the fringe is the cherry on top.

Excuse me for that highly non-fashionable band aid, but I forgot about that and I suck at Photoshop.



It’s a great question, whether I do this off-shoulder thing on purpose or not. but in a weird way the dress does it itself so I just went with it.


I decided to pair this fringe dress with an also fringe bag. What I love about this bag is that it perfectly embodies what I wanted this look to be – raw. The suede material, the brown-nude color and the fringe gives the look the ultimate rawness.
And do you know what is even more raw?


Wearing no shoesReally, I tried to come up with an idea of what kind of shoes would look great with this outfit, but then I felt like no shoes is the best accessory here. (And yey for not stepping into the broken glass pieces someone left there…)


Pretending to be a cave examiner.

Great question, again – why am I wearing earrings if wearing shoes seemed to be too much for this look? Well, the answer is easy – I am a woman and I make irrational decisions. But also, I thought this huge piece of jewelry would really give the outfit just a little bit of a glamourous vibe while still sticking to that raw and also, fringy look.
What you don’t get to see is that the other half of the earrings is different, so it’s basically assymetrical – but I thought I would skip to show you that part because… I’m a woman and I make irrational decisions.


Ah, still into those cutout backs.
(More importantly, because there is at least one more reason for not wearing a bra.)
This one with the “V” shape is even more exciting with the horizontal line towards the bottom.





And to end this little outfit post, here’s a photo of me… thinking. At least it’s documentated that I do it sometimes.

9995 forint, 35$, 31 euro
8995 forint, 32$, 28 euro
Can you guess? Yeah, it’s from Mango.
3995 forint, 14$, 12 euro
Just kiddin’.

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