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The other day, thanks to Fashionfave, me and my socially awkward self (Seriously, I didn’t dare looking at others. Or touching stuff.) got the opportunity to go to a brunch slash press conference talking about the new Pons Lux bag of the kindest heart, Agnes Kovacs.

It’s such an amazing experience to see how the woman behind a brand truly represents what their products are all about. Agnes and her bags represent the serenity and simplicity in the noisy yet colorful urban lifestyle which has been ambivalently inspiring her eversince.
These are the key words – clearity, simplicity, yet massiveness.
And these three words perfectly describe her creating method as well. You know, it’s actually funny, because as I was charmedly staring at these bags that are completely different than any other usual bag – they are slim at the bottom and get wider, sort of puffier at the top – I said to her “It must have been so difficult to make these.” and she was like “Nope. If you look closely, the shape is actually just a simple rectangle, and all I did was bending the upper corners of it downwards. That’s what naturally created this shape itself.”
And really, the magic of hers is the greatness of simplicity – she creates all her bags by bending one single sheet of paper and then make it into a gorgeous bag using leather, felt, metal or wood.

This time, after the outbreaking success and popularity of her Pons line – which was inspired by bridges and was featured in such international magazines as Marie Claire Russia – Agnes decided to ramp up her game and created the Pons Lux bag. To be extremely precise, the four Pons Lux bags, as there are going to be only four of them and all of them are made by Agnes herself.
It was inspired by the old-school medical bags, and if you ask me, it has the impression of an accordion as well, especially as you open it and take a peak at the mutton leather inside. The bag outer layer was made of buffalo leather which makes the surface feel really soft while being still firm.
(Am I the only one who feels like this information came out really inappropriate.)

Also, the logo was made of silver and was made by Nemesi Anna, goldsmith.

And before I forget it, it comes with this matching piece of jewelry.

And another fun fact is, the complete income of the first purchase will go to charity.
However, we didn’t only talk about this specific piece of beauty, we discussed the new autumn collection pieces as well – since the previous Pons collection was so succesful, Agnes didn’t want to go in a compeletely different direction, so she decided to create her previous Pons bags in two new shades, grey and brown.

My favorite is the grey one, and it’s even better when you look inside, it has this really soft beige color.

Once again, it was so awesome to see these extremely luxurious quality products and to meet the person behind them, especially because she was so nice and truly kind.
Too bad all I was able to say mindlessly is “Mm… pretty. It’s just so… pretty.”
Well, maybe next time. Maybe.
And, because I cannot help myself and also, because I have some blooming obsession of backpacks, here are some other gorgeous works of hers.

source of feature image and other images: György Károlyi

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