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I know it might kind of make no sense to compare a higher-end product with a drugstore one, however, since I basically tried these ones after one another, it made it really easy for me to see the differences thus realize how much better one was at certain things than the other.
Before I hop into the review, I thought I would just quickly highlight that both of these primers are for oilier skin, so basically both of them are mattifying and pore refining products.
(At least they are supposed to be.)

Since their texture wouldn’t come across through pictures (I mean, they both look just simple white creams, so… you get the idea.) I didn’t take photos of them, but I’ll explain the differences anyways.

Catrice Cosmetics
Prime and Fine
pore refining anti shine primer
30 ml, 1159 forint ~ 4 euro, 4 $
Texture | Just like your average moisturizers, a semi-thick white cream that’s not sticky by any means, but still lingers on your skin and doesn’t feel like absorbing fully, (or quickly) which was kind of a disappointment for me especially after using Metamorphoses.
Does the makeup look better on it? Uhm… no. It looks the same. Application is the same. My makeup didn’t go on smoother or easier or whatever. I’m just mentioning this because I’ve read on some sites that for some folks it made even their crappier foundations look good.
Does it mattify? Not really. Not later on the day, and definitely not right after I apply it. Honestly, it really is just like an average moisturizer.
What about the pores? Hahahaha.
How long does it last? If you expect it to make your makeup appear perfect all day, well, it doesn’t. My skin still shined through.
Overall? It didn’t harm my skin, I mean I didn’t break out of it, which is kind of good, but it didn’t do any good neither. As I’ve already said it about 3 times, it’s just like an average moisturizer, I wouldn’t even say it primed my skin, so if you expect it to do… anything that the tube says or anything that a primer should do (especially a mattifying one), you’re gonna have a bad time.
Worth the prize? Nope.

Rouge Bunny Rouge
mattifying primer
29 ml, 15 600 forint ~ 49 euro, 52 $
Texture | The same white, creamy texture, but a bit lighter than Fine and Prime.
Does it mattify? Hell, yeah, baby.
After I applied it, it immediately absorbed and already made my skin super matt. I could start applying my makeup right away. And when I say it “immediately” absorbed I mean I didn’t even have the chance to keep patting my skin because there was nothing to pat into the skin.
What about the pores? At first I didn’t really see any changes, but when one day I decided to use Fine and Prime after a long time I noticed the visible difference – it doesn’t do wonders, I mean I could still tell I have pores, (Obviously.) but they looked visibly smaller after applying it. (I mean applying Metamorphoses. Not Fine and Prime.)
So, so far so good, really.

How long does it last? And here comes the sad part.
If you follow me long enough, you probably already know that when it comes to makeup, I need something that will last at least 9 hours, because that’s how long I’m at work. Now, I thought that since it really does all its tricks after applying it, it will be my life saver, but as you might have already guessed… it’s not.
Don’t get me wrong – it lasts, but really not as much as it should.
Overall? Well, it’s impressive, really does what it promises, but at the end of the day – literally – my skin still shines through and I still need to use my powder. But for now, that’s okay for me, because I love it, I can really feel like my skin is primed and looks significantly brightened and smoother, and it doesn’t even bother it.
Worth the prize? If you’re rich (or your husband’s rich) or for some reason you get to try this stuff for free, yeah, sure. Otherwise, not really, no. I would only recommend it to you if you don’t need your makeup to last seriously all day long, but you want to enjoy the benefits of a truly mattifying and pore refining product.

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