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last weekend I was at the Marie Claire Fashion Days, and about a month before that I was at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, and… I haven’t talked about any of them eversince.
Which is awkward.
And unprofessional.
But that’s life.
So since a “Marie Claire Fashion Days recap post” is still kind of in time, and there were designers from Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week showed up there as well, I decided to kind of mix the two fashion events together and show you my favorite collections.
Which, don’t get me wrong, doesn’t mean that the other ones sucked or anything at all, but you know, it’s a personal blog so I feel like it’s okay to only share my personal favorites.

(És ha baromira nem érdekel ahogy angolul írok róluk, nyugodtan tessék csak rákattintani erre a linkre mert a Fashionfaven egy teljes cikken keresztül ecseteltem az összes magyar designer kollekcióját. Ja meg van ott egy csomó kép is. Meg van a Mercedes-Benz Fashion Weekről is egy cikk ottan arrafelé.)
Her newest collection brings us, Hungarian peeps, back to our time at lake Balaton when we were kids. (Some of us, not me, actually. I hadn’t been to Balaton until the age of 15.) It was also inspired by scout camps and basically, the sixties-seventies.
Honestly, I would have never guessed these sources of inspiration would ever work, but these pieces are so original and surprisingly adorable, I haven’t found any other collection that would look even similar.

85867_712425_784x523 85867_712409_784x523 85867_712417_784x523 85867_712412_784x523 85867_712416_784x523 (1) 
The second I saw Pásztor Anna (apparently a popular singer) on the runway I was like “Who brought Lady Gaga here?” but then I realized, Sármán Nóra just made her the queen of this fairytale kingdom she created.
Flowy and slightly transparent materials beautifully fitting the models’ body, pastel shades from icy blue to peachy nude, it all looked and felt like it’s the foggy garden of a gorgeous medieval fairytale castle.

85870_712471_784x523 85870_712491_784x523 85870_712484_784x523 85870_712477_784x523 85870_712473_784x523 85870_712486_784x523
I don’t mean to sound self-conscious but it’s kind of obvious that Nubu found out what my “everyday style dream” would be and used that as an inspiration. Except the Karate Kid thing going on which is, by the way, surprisingly appealing, I guess this obi belt thing isn’t as terrible as I imagined it would be.
All the pieces scream comfy yet they are extremely chic, the color palette balances from white to black, with a hint of purple and cobalt blue (Yes!) sometimes combined with fabolous quilted materials and shiny fabrics. 

85871_712515_784x523 85871_712495_784x523 85871_712496_784x523 85871_712498_784x523 85871_712506_784x523 85871_712518_784x523
Modern, cool, and again, chic like hell.
Really, there’s nothing else to say.

85873_712574_784x523 85873_712579_784x523 85873_712580_784x523 85873_712569_784x523 85873_712568_784x523 85873_712576_784x523

And to show you more photos from Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week…

12079222_632519226887439_7125333828071355103_n 11224430_632519146887447_4952482092607095282_n 12144766_632519313554097_4122476655852518437_n 12141125_426490520887159_414901328510891037_o
Probably there’s something wrong with me (That’s actually not an assumption…) but as far as I’m concerned the Cukovy collection was all about futuristic lady-pirates.
That’s it.
Just… think about it.

85915_713117_784x523 85915_713118_784x523 85915_713121_784x523 85915_713120_784x523 85915_713119_784x523 85915_713123_784x523
The Zoe Phobic collection perfectly bounces back and forth between the fierce and confident woman and the easy-breezy, one-hundred percent feminin lady adding an extra hint of glamour.
I love how there is a twist, something exciting in every single item, in every single detail.

85915_713143_784x523 85915_713142_784x523 85915_713141_784x523 85915_713138_784x523 85915_713137_784x523 85915_713136_784x523
“I don’t like it.”
“What does it remind you of?”
“… a dentistry.”
“Exactly. No one likes dentistries.”
Maybe it’s because I really liked my dentist back when I was little, or I’m a hopeless mazochist, but despite this conversation with the guy next to me, this show was undoubtedly one of my favorites at MBFWCE.
By the way, the dresses were actually inspired by the architecture before the Second World War which means – spacious rooms and geometric figures.
Kind of crispy fabrics held together by ribbons, pastel colors to soften up the overall image.

85917_713185_784x523 85917_713187_784x523 85917_713189_784x523 85917_713191_784x523 85917_713192_784x523 85917_713186_784x523

And here are some more photos from Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.

11228106_632521200220575_259675197938770350_n 12088224_632521156887246_136449249145137233_n 12106918_632521333553895_2631431972806720749_n 12109187_632521150220580_6909481374774234859_n
Finally, if the Nora Sarman collection is the garden of a fairytale castle, then the collection of Virag Kerenyi is the mysterious beings of the dark forest surrounding it.

85917_713213_784x523 85917_713214_784x523 85917_713219_784x523 85917_713220_784x523 85917_713221_784x523 85917_713216_784x523

The photos are from here and here.

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