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it’s the time of the year where I get to talk to you about my seasonal favorite scents.

I believe you kind of expect a summary on all the perfumes that could work in this cold weather, but there might be some scents that I only included because… I got to like them in this particular season, not really because they are so “wintery”.
Blanche Immortelle
Atelier Cologne
30 ml, 29 500 forint, 92 euro
100 ml, 49 500 forint, 155 euro
200 ml, 72 000 forint, 225 euro

It’s so strange I’m into this fragrance now, because I remember the first time I smelled it I wasn’t really impressed, but I think it’s because at that time I wasn’t ready for deeper, kind of heavier fragrances.
Now, however, it’s a scent I’m constantly drawn to and I cannot even explain the exact reason why, because, see, the thing is, it is a feminin, kind of a soul-warming scent for me thanks to the iris, mimosa, davana and by the way, the rare immortelle flower, but it has that special twist which makes it passionate, brave and a little rusty with the sandalwood, vetiver and patchouli.
So yeah, it is a feminin scent, but it’s far from girly.

Precious Oud
Van Cleef & Arpels C. E.
75 ml, 47 000 Ft, 147 euro, 

As it says – it’s precious.
(Whoa, so deep.)

Whenever I just take a sip of it, it makes me think of a gorgeous, tall woman in a long, tight, gold gown with an inner softness and elegance, yet with a significant character.
That significance is provided by the ingredient called oud, which is the resin of agarwood (In case you want to know more about it just check ou
t this post.) and other woody ingredients (sandalwood, patchouli) and that incredible softness is due to the sensual flowers such as jasmine and tuberose.
Which is quite a joke, because these are flowers that I just cannot stand, not ever, and what is even weirder, there’s amber in it as well, that I hate even more, but in this fragrance it all makes just an extremely unique, elegant scent.

Hedonist Iris
Viktoria Minya
50 ml, 49 500, 155 euro

Not to brag that this is from the first Hungarian perfumeur, but yeah.
This is an incredibly soft, gentle fragrance with iris (Obviously.), and since iris tends to leave kind of a cold mark on a scent (Not for me, I still have no idea why perfume enthusiasts say that all the time, but let’s pretend they are right.) Viktoria added warm cocobean to the mix.
And here are some perfumes that has little to nothing to do with the winter time, but I got to like them around the fall/winter season and because of that you have to like them too.
That’s how things work around here.

Feminin Pluriel
Maison Francis Kurkdjian

70 ml, 42 000 forint, 131 euro

Let’s start with something that I even mentioned before, because I am the queen of logic.
Basically, Feminin Pluriel is a floral bouquet with my beloved iris, jasmine, a little bit of rose and with a hint of dark berries.
I was obsessed with it during the fall and I always put it on when I needed a chiller, lovelier vibe, just lounging home or going for a walk or meeting with some friends, and whenever I wanted to feel more characteristic and more confident I put on Oud Satin Mood, but you already know that.
molecule 02
escentric molecules
30 ml, 19 800 forint, 62 euro
100 ml, 37 500 forint, 117 euro

Maybe you’ve already heard about the magic of escentric molecules, but in case you haven’t, here we go.
So, once upon a time there was a guy who decided to kick things up in the marketing department of perfumes and claimed that his perfumes contain a certain “molecule” that has a pheromone act on the human brain which means they aren’t really perfumes, they are basically an “effect” or an “aura”.
There are 3 types of escentric nolecules, and all of them have a “molecule” and an “escentric” version, which means that the molecule ones have 100% of that pheromone acting molecule, (Which also means that they cannot be smelled on blotters, they have to be spayed on the skin.) and they smell differently on everyone. (Although every fragrance smells differently on other people so that one is a gimmick for sure.) The escentrics have 65% of this molecule and the rest is other fragrances.

With that being said, this is the molecule 02, a very nice gin tonic kind of fresh, yet sweet scent.
I have to tell you, I didn’t believe in this whole thing, even though people who came in the store looking for it claimed that they just smelled this perfume on some stranger and they had to go up to those strangers and ask what it was because it was amazing. So one day I decided to give it a try, I sprayed it on my skin, and… didn’t feel much. Then, I went home, met my friends, and this scent just hit me. I honestly just couldn’t resist keeping smelling my arm where I sprayed it because it was so crazy good.
I can only describe it was like catnip to a cat.
Because here’s the thing – you don’t necessarily feel it as soon as you spray it on, it just starts pulsing from time to time. There are people who never feel it, but they keep purchasing it because others love it on them.
So yeah, as much as I don’t believe in the marketing crap of perfumes, this one actually has truth as I experienced it.
If you want something subtle, rather an aura kind of a feeling (nothing heavy or complex) that drives you crazy and just feels good, then this is it.

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